Daily Sketches 


From February 2014 to November 2017 I did a daily sketch challenge that I stopped after 1050 sketches. Here are a selection. 



In February 2014, I started doing a sketch every day as a challenge.
I didn't really know where I was going with it but I just wanted to make and post something everyday, regardless of the quality of the art. I took that decision because : 
- I wanted to feel productive,
- I wanted to improve.
- I hoped it would give me experience and confidence. 
- I hoped deep down that it would show me a proof that art was my vocation

At that time I had so little faith in my own talent and abilities that I was often too shy to post what I made, and even sometimes too afraid to draw for fear it would be so terrible it would be an insult to all the Great Masters of Art - I might or might not have had a few fever dreams where Leonardo Da Vinci yelled flowery insults at me. 
After 30 sketches I decided to focus on landscapes, first as a way to improve my backgrounds because I was mainly drawing characters with blank background since I had, at that point also avoided making any landscape at all - I had decided my brain wasn't wired for perspective  since I never got it right on the first try.
The first one hundred were painful, I was never satisfied and I wanted to give up, and did several time.They all still seemed too bad to even share and I still couldn't see any indication that I had something - talent or whatever - to justify for that gigantic waste of time, and for that silly little dream of being a professional artist.

At some point it became visible that I improved a lot (you can check at the bottom of the page for comparison). I just had to compare 2 sketches separated by six months and it was here - it kept me motivated to go at least to 1000. I have, and I stopped the challenge on November 2017 with 1050 sketches (1000 of which are landscape paintings). Though I've learnt a lot through this challenge, I now to improve my ability to polish a painting, and not just make a sketch (among other things) so I started a Triweekly Challenge and I'm doing various other things.


Here are some examples of subjects that I've done and redone over time and that show my improvement :