2D Assets for Video Game

 Article under construct, I need to present and explain each project :>

Where the Grains Are

So this is a project I made with Axoona during the 40th Ludum Dare, here is the jam version and bellow are some asset I made for the post-jam versions (there are more to come!) :


Sirènes à la Cool

 This is a rhythm game I made with NashellaEstelle Martinez and Séverine Dumagny during the RIJV Jam. I also did the sound design for the first time and it was super difficult!

You can play the game here.


Heliopolis : Cities in the Sky

 For the Global Game Jam 2018, with François Renou, Jérôme Audo, Renaud Chanin and Séverine Dumagny, you can play the game here.